Become a TELL Instructor

TELL offers a unique chance to connect with believers around the world and support them as they begin sharing the gospel with their community.

With hundreds of new students joining the program every month, TELL's greatest need is teachers!

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Hear from Pastor Soukup & Pastor Bodjanac as they share their experience teaching for TELL.

As a TELL Instructor, you will teach men and women the truth of God's Word. Lord willing, these brothers & sisters will go on to become gospel leaders in their communities as a result of your instruction.

What to Expect

  1. TWO 1-hour Zoom classes per week for 4 weeks.
  2. 2 weeks to review Final Projects.
  3. WhatsApp communication with students (sending class materials, sharing Zoom recordings, answering questions).
  4. An honorarium of $300 per course taught.

Course materials, including slides and teacher guides, are already made for you!

Preview a TELL Class

Get an idea of your role as a TELL Instructor by previewing a LIVE lesson.


  1. A male called worker in fellowship with the Wisconsin Lutheran Evangelical Synod OR a current WLS Student in their Middler or Senior year.
  2. Strong organizational and administrative skills.
  3. Above-average digital literacy (or a willingness to learn).
  4. A WhatsApp account (free and easy to set up).
  5. A passion and excitement for training future church leaders around the globe!

We'd love to have you on the TELL team!

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